The Lot et Garonne bike tour in Aquitaine region: From Agen, symbolic city of the prune and returned famous by its bridge channel. Your…

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Come and discover our bike trips in France. Cycling holidays in France are the opportunity to be closer to the surrounding nature of this beautiful country. Stroll in the middle of vineyards and vine growers; cycling along canals and rivers; but also lakeside circuit or Atlantic coast ride. So many landscapes that will satisfy everyone’s appetite.

Why opt for a bike tour in France?

Cycling is definitely the ideal way of getting around the area of ​​your choice. Choosing this type of cycling holiday, active without being “too” sportive, is to ensure you to travel freely and tranquility in a preserved and authentic territories, with great satisfaction on arrival. Cycling holidays will also offer you an unbeatable proximity to local people in the region. You will have the opportunity to discover the work of the vine in Bordeaux, or in Burgundy, market gardening in the lot and Garonne, the breeding of ewes and horses in the Basque Country, the duck breeding in Périgord and even the production of caviar in Gironde. Not to mention the culture of oysters.

Why opt for one of our cycling holidays in France?

We create and test for you multi-day cycling trips in France with daily rides on small country roads, bike routes or even bike paths. The routes and itineraries are selected according to the tourist attraction, the length and the difficulty of the cycling stage.

We carry your luggage to the next stage and are at your disposal for any questions or emergencies that may arise during your cycling trip. No more stress of organization or planning. Forgotten, the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

Accommodations at each stage are also carefully selected. The criteria include comfort, hospitality and service, charm and location. When all these criteria are met, it’s perfect! Every night you are expected for a well deserved rest in hotel or guest house. Relax by the pool, in the garden or on your balcony before savoring the local gastronomy at the hotel’s restaurant, table d’hôte or in the charming neighboring village.

Cycling steps

The stages are usually 40 to 60 km per day. That means 150 to 300 km on your entire trip. This is quite enough to appreciate the diversity of the region visited. Each day of cycling will take you to visit remarkable sites. Prestigious wine estate, most beautiful village of France, bastide and medieval city, feudal or royal castle. Not to mention many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. .. Must have!


You can bring your own bikes. If not, our revised and equipped touring bicycles are delivered to the first accommodation. Depending on the difficulty of the bike tour and your fitness or simply your choice, you can opt for an electric bike … really bluffing.

We take care of your luggage, pick them up at the hotel reception and take them to the next stop.

Finally, we realize a road book with multiple information and tourist tips … you can follow or not during your cycling holiday day by day. A GPS App is also available to facilitate your navigation.

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You want to know more about our Cycling holidays ? Here is the FAQ !

Why should you plan cycling holidays?

To plan a bike tour to embrace at its fullest the local sights and cultures.

Choosing winding country roads, small trails added to the leisurely pace of a bike allows an unparalleled proximity to nature and a deep immersion in our landscapes. This in turn enables you to make striking new discoveries, breathtaking landscapes, beautiful settings that would have normally gone unnoticed.

To embark on a cycling trip is also to rekindle one’s appreciation for the small things. To bask in the soothing breaks the roads offer, enjoying a well deserved rest after a day of rewarding effort. Finally the silence of this mode of transportation offers the possibility to catch a glimpse of the local wildlife!

Need we remind that cycling is a mean of travel which naturally preserve the environment in which we work with.

Why choose Evazio rather than another company in France?

Because we are local and work with locals.

We do our best to share with you our meetings with our partners, true representatives of local charm. We are thus surrounded by local actors and producers, small businesses, warm family structures, all in love with their region, its heritage and its culture and all eager to share their passion.

Because we are locals and work with locals.We do our best to insure you meet with our partners, true ambassadors of the local traditions. Thusly we have surrounded ourselves with local personalities (actors?), small structures, family businesses, whom bear a great love for their region, heritage, culture and are all eager to share their passion.

For more than 18 years, we have thus built a reliable and stable network of partners. With accommodation providers, restaurateurs, bike rental companies, facillitators, guides, carriers and other loyal collaborators. Allbrought together in a common concern for quality of service, of which you will be the first to benefit.

The following testimony from one of our clients was overwhelming.

« … It became obvious at a glance that you planned the route as a cyclist would, the route was leisurely and scenic. Our choice of accommodations could not have been better- you obviously have a great rapport (they all talked a lot of you) with these hotels and guesthouses because we were treated like royalty wherever you’d made arrangements. We met other cyclists along the way who had used other travel agencies, and our impression was that Evazio clearly had a more personal experience of the tour that we did… ”

Joel Smith & Kathy Keehan

Why choose a bike tour with Evazio?

Because we personally study, scout and test our cycling tours. Criteria include the difficulty of the route, the length of the stages, the historical, cultural and natural sightseeing, all while taking pleasant small roads with little traffic or cycle paths, forest trails or footpaths.

Finally, the itinerary by bike must include accommodation with all the customary services and comforts, in addition to charming locations!

The cycling industry has boomed in recent years, the use of green and secure bike lanes and roads has spread. Some of these are interesting and might peek your interest, others less so.

We advise you on these bike tours by providing you with alternatives that are more focused on cultural aspects and natural landmarks.

“… The five days we spent on the cycling holiday were the absolute highlight of our trip. What made it particularly agreeable was the effort you put in to make the whole course run on such quiet roads. It was a pleasure and far exceeded our expectations in this regard…. “

For more distant cycling trips, we work with local experts and operators that are in the same mindset as us. No one can be an expert in every field and so we cultivate close collaborations to guarantee quality of services provided, of which you will naturally be the first to benefit.

Are the bike tours customizable?

Our cycling trips come included with, among other things: the number of nights, a daily travel distance, the level of comfort desired.Naturally and within reason, these sojourns can be personalized.

On request, we can adapt our formulas by adding extra nights, rest days, changing the range of accommodations etc.

What bikes are available?

For our bicycle trips, we provide quality bikes suitable for riking, that are comfortable and have a good weight / robustness ratio.

Electric bikes are available on the majority of our tours, fit for both men and women, and with a fully autonomous daily battery capacity. Bikes are serviced before each use and are equipped with at least one rear bag, a handlebar bag, an anti-theft device (for 1 or 2 bikes) a repair kit (for 1 or 2 bikes) and a helmet.

For cycling trips with significant relief, you can also opt for a road bike delivered with a saddle bag.