English Everything you need to know to transport your belongings and children on cycle touring

Cycle tourism simply refers to cycling tourism. It’s an alternative way to discover a country or region using your legs, and enjoying the outdoors. Alone, as a couple, with friends or with family, a cycling holiday requires a minimum of preparation in advance! It is wrong to think that organizing a cycle touring trip is a real headache. In pole position for the most troublesome questions: that of the transport of his belongings or / and his children, even of his pet for the more reckless! It is indeed a source of a lot of anxiety and apprehension, especially when you are going for several days.

To help you, discover our tips and tricks for transporting your belongings and your whole tribe on your next cycling holiday!

Cycle tourism: how to transport your belongings by bicycle?

Before going on a cycling adventure, determine your needs and what to take so you know the volume you need. Choose your clothes and equipment according to the number of days, but also the weather.

Cycle tourism and bikepacking are ways of traveling where you bring the bare essentials . In order to transporting your belongings by bike for a week , it It is appropriate to invest in different bicycle bags placed on either side of your bicycle . Installing a luggage rack in the rear and / or a bike rack in the front is also a good option if you are going for several days.

The Apidura brand offers panniers for cycle touring that are light, resistant and practical at the same time, at a very good quality / price ratio. Another reference in bicycle luggage, Ortlieb offers cycle tourists the Ortlieb Free Line range, PVC-free and ecological bags.

To ensure your comfort and the stability of your bike, you should also distribute the weight between the various bags and your luggage rack:

  • saddle bag for light items that can take up space (shoes, clothes, etc.)
  • handlebar bag for essentials, precious objects, light and bulky
  • frame bag for heavier items (food, tools, etc.)
  • rear rack bag for other bulky items, and the heaviest to place at the bottom

Store your essentials and precious objects (bank card, rain jacket, wallet, phone, etc.) in saddlebags that you can easily and quickly open.

Last tip: choose waterproof and / or waterproof transport bags, and equipped with reflective elements to ensure your visibility on the road! Like the brands mentioned above, Vaude offers a range of bags and transport solutions suitable for cycle touring. In case of wear or if you need to change a part, the Vaude brand also offers repair kits!

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Traveling by bike with the whole family: which equipment to choose?

If you are traveling as a family and your children are not old enough to pedal on their own, use a child bike trailer. There are many models equipped with multiple functions and which can accommodate 1 to 2 children. The choice of the trailer is important and conditioned by different criteria including the age of the child. Some models are modular and upgradeable thanks to suitable interior accessories (hammock, baby seat with padded headrest…). The trailers also have storage spaces that will perfectly complement your cycling equipment during your cycling vacation. Slip in some toys to keep your kids busy when you pedal. Don’t forget to put some inside the trailer as well, along with a water bottle and some cakes.

Thanks to suspension systems, your child’s comfort is guaranteed. A belt or harness ensures its safety during your cycling trip. Like strollers, trailers are fully resealable, protecting your children from the sun or rain. The reference brands Thule, Maxxus and Croozer also offer models equipped with mosquito nets. Ideal for summer temperatures or if you are traveling to areas where mosquitoes are plentiful! If you also run, choose a modular trailer that can be transported as a stroller. A 2 in 1 solution for sporty parents, or when you take a break for several days during your cycling holiday.

Even in a bicycle trailer, children under 12 must wear a helmet.

Are you traveling with your dog? There are solutions for transport your pet by bike. Prefer baskets with a protective grid for dogs up to 12kg, or a trailer adapted to the rear if it is a large dog. We strongly recommend that you do not use a trailer to install your child and your dog at the same time, however large it may be. Before going on an adventure, make sure your 4-legged friend is comfortable on the bike by making a few short trips. Otherwise, you may have to consider a dog sitter for the holidays …

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