How to choose your bike for traveling ?

You can travel by car, campervan, motorhome but also by bicycle. It is a practice which is more and more in vogue because, in particular with the current economic situation, people are in search of freedom .

However, to undertake such a journey by bike, there are a few tips to follow.

All bikes can be made for the trip. But some are better equipped than others in terms of equipment. So we are going to study the essential criteria to choose the best bike for traveling. For this, you can consult the many specialized sites on the French-speaking web ( , etc). There you will find a wide selection of electric bikes that are really perfect for taking a trip .

The best frame

There are several types of frames such as carbon, titanium, aluminum or steel. But the one we recommend for travel is more of an aluminum frame .

This material has a lot of positive points like:

  • it is quite flexible
  • it is comfortable and dynamic
  • it is solid and robust
  • more accessible for the price

Then, aluminum is a material that is so prevalent in the world that it is fairly easy to repair.

However, steel is a bit heavier than aluminum for example. If you are looking for a model that is more robust and strong while still being strong enough, then steel is for you . In addition, steel is more easily repairable.

The best wheel size

When it comes to wheels, the debate revolves around three different sizes of wheels:

  • the 26 inches : this is a size that is extremely widespread in the world of bicycle travel. It is a format that is less rolling because the wheel is smaller. You have a little less pedaling efficiency and less comfort .
  • the 28 inches and 29 inches : this size allows better balance and better traction on the road. It is a more comfortable model. But the top speed is slower. At the same time, when traveling, it’s not the speed you’re looking for.

For these 3 wheel sizes, you have the same rim size. In summary, for more dynamism, maneuverability and comfort, we recommend that you choose a size of 29 inches instead.
Voyage vélo évasion

The best type of braking

When it comes to braking, again there are several choices available to you:

  1. v-brakes : this type is usually found on old touring bikes because it is pad brakes that are very easy to adjust and the parts are easy to find. On the other hand, it presents certain faults as when it rains.

It loses a lot of efficiency and the skates will consume very quickly. In addition, the V-brake pads work on the rim. So in addition to your weight, that of your luggage and the work of the brake on the rim, this will machine the rim at the level of the brake band and damage it as it goes.

  1. disc brakes : In the brake category, there are two alternatives which are mechanical disc brakes (with a cable) or brakes with hydraulic discs (with liquid). This makes it possible to provide much higher braking power and it works on the hub and not on the rim. This results in greater durability of the parts linked to the wheel.

So you will understand, what we recommend the most is to opt for disc brakes , whether mechanical or hydraulic. Even if the hydraulics offer better performance because it is more sensitive, more powerful and more regular.

The most comfortable saddle

This is one of the most personal criteria. Indeed, everyone has their own feelings. Above all, you need to be as comfortable as possible because your buttocks can stay in contact with your saddle for hours. The only thing we can tell you is the saddles that are the most common for touring cycling:

  • Brooks saddles in leather or cotton (especially the brooks b17)
  • Smp saddles (the front spout of the saddle will dive to give more comfort to the perineum)
  • the Proust saddles (they have an axis of rotation that allows you to be accompanied in the movement)

To know that to be really comfortable in a saddle, you have to have practiced for miles . And what better way to cover a lot of kilometers than a VTC, especially electric. This type of bike can be used on all types of terrain. If you want to learn more about this type of bike, then go to a specialized site ( / vtc-electric for example) .

The best handlebars (or handlebars)

Just like the saddle, the choice is also there very person l. You have several options to choose from, such as the right handlebars, the racing handlebars (which comes back down), the butterfly handlebars (which come back to the side).

The type of handlebar that is the most popular with travelers is the butterfly handlebar because it offers many different positions. This helps limit tingling and adopt several for your hands and handles.

In conclusion, all these little tips allow you to travel more quietly and above all more comfortably . To discover the landscapes offered by our cities, our countryside or nature, what better than to be comfortable while riding!