Exercise your legs and eyes on a bike ride

Cycling is a very joyful way to discover a place. Walkers enjoy complete freedom of movement. The picturesque cities and villages of France are revealed differently when you travel through them by bicycle. Bordeaux, in particular, offers a magnificent panorama for cyclists. Here are three routes to try to see the best of the city !

Discover a part and testimonies of the history of the city

The beauty of the city of Bordeaux comes from its landscapes, but also from its magnificent buildings and historic sites. The proposed route will start near one of them. The Hôtel de la Bourse, which symbolizes the liberation of the city, will see cyclists prepare. The most beautiful attraction remains the Water Mirror. It ranks on the list of contemporary world heritage. This view has something to motivate travelers. From there you have to cross the magnificent Stone Bridge and the Martin Luther King promenade. A fork to the right a little further on leads to the Voie Verte du Parc aux Angéliques. The latter had several lifetimes before becoming the landscape sequences of today. It is imperative to slow down in order to benefit from the arrangement of the plants. The next bend is on Matteoti Street which joins Richelieu Road.

The next green lung is called the Parc des étangs. A cycle path runs alongside it. This leads to the left on rue Jules Guesde. Then comes Avenue Gaston Cabannes. The route continues straight on until the third exit towards Bouliac. The name suggests a hill that’s not too difficult, so you have to be prepared. Cyclists tread the Route de Tresses to reach the Rue de Cadenne. This path allows you to cross the alleys of the Carignan castle for 2 km. The latter has an impressive architecture with a feudal aspect. The vineyards provide renowned vintages there. Walkers then pass several other exceptional sites, before closing the road back to the Miroir d’eau.

A relaxing and rewarding walk in the heart of the city of Bordeaux

Here, the walk takes place inside the city and does not bring you back to its starting point. This takes place at the Botanical Garden. The excursion will highlight the right bank. The garden in question contains unique landscape arrangements. There are also permanent and temporary exhibitions. At the Queyries exit, cyclists cross the Angéliques park, then the stone bridge. They take advantage of the gentle wind during their adventure trip brought back by the river to arrive at the Grand Bar Castan. Despite your thirst, no stop in this charming bistro. On the other hand, the Saint-Pierre church which arrives after the rue de la Cour-des-Aides deserves our attention. Despite the renovations, the building retains all of its old Gothic splendor. It testifies to the port past of this part of the city.

Vélo Bordeaux

Then you have to walk briskly 5 streets. It is that of Les Faussets, then Leupold on the left, then that of Puits – Descujols. The penultimate crosses on the left and is called rue des Caperans. Finally, walkers join that of the Parlement-Saint-Pierre. Parliament Square and especially the old buildings that surround it make a perfect excuse to rest. Even the fountain that sits in the middle has an interesting history. The walk continues to the Grand Théâtre. Even today, it enjoys a magnificent reputation for beauty. The walk can stop at the Public Garden after the visit to the Place des Quinconces.

Bucolic and sometimes cultural immersion in the heart of Bordeaux nature

There are also very interesting paths and cycle paths on the peninsula side. The walk begins after everyone has admired the work entitled Les Fées. Crossing Avenue François Mitterrand leads to Favols Park. Above all, this is an area that has had so many lives. The walk continues happily until San Martin de Valdeiglesias street. From there it is easy to find Chateau Brignon. Its interest is not historical. Indeed, it represents an economic pole that supports the development and creation of businesses. Then come the rue de Beauval, the sports field, and the Domaine de Beauval. The biggest attraction there is the Bollée de Bassens wind turbine. It can be defined as a prototype of the genre at the time of its creation.

A romantic cycle path passes by the railroad tracks. You have to follow it then turn left at the roundabout. This path leads to the Saint-Denis chapel. There will also be the Saint-Louis Church and the Domaine de la Blanche. The advantage with bike rides is that they can end depending on the walker’s desire. The main thing is not to force yourself, and to take your time. Indeed, if we had to hurry, it would have been better to move a car.