Incentive seminar in Bordeaux.

This rally invites you to explore the historic district of Bordeaux on foot, in search of answers to cultural, gastronomic, oenological or even anecdotal questions.

To do this, a city map and a road book will be provided to each team.

Divided into teams, you will have to get to strategic points of the city at a given time.

Be careful, don’t miss the “mystery” phone calls: A stranger will then communicate the tasting locations to you or ask you a “Flash” question with immediate response or even an essential clue for the rest of the rally.

This animation is punctuated by challenges led by a facilitator. Challenge to be achieved by team and against time. Challenges that can be on the theme of wine, Bordeaux, Garonne etc.

The results will be compiled during a snack at the end of the rally in a bar or restaurant in Bordeaux

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