Discover our walking tours in France. Self guided Walking holidays though famous Bordeaux or Burgundy vineyards.

Bordeaux, cradle of a civilization

Mention Bordeaux and you will spark thoughts all around the world of good wine. As you walk through the vineyards on carefully chosen routes. You will experience much more of the Gironde. Unique castles will catch your eyes, rivers meander their way across beautiful countryside, the unspoilt Natural Park, oyster beds and the Atlantic coast add a multitude of dimensions to your journey. There will be plenty of time for relaxing, looking around and perhaps having a few long lunches. All in all it is a leisurely tour for enjoying the ample delights of rural France! And especially the great Bordeaux wines.



You want to know more about our Walking tour ? Here is the FAQ !

Why should you plan a walking holiday?

To plan a custom walking tour using a specialized agency is to embrace at its fullest the local sights and cultures.

Choosing winding country roads, small trails and foot paths added to the leisurely pace ofthe walk allows an unparalleled proximity to nature and a deep immersion in our landscapes. This in turn enables you to make striking new discoveries, breathtaking landscapes, beautiful settings that would have normally gone unnoticed.

To embark on a walk trip is also to rekindle one’s appreciation for the small things. To bask in the soothing breaks the roads offer, enjoying a well deserved rest after a day of rewarding effort. Finally the the silence of this mode of transportation offers the possibility to catch a glimpse of the local wildlife!

Need we remind that walking is a mean of travel which naturally preserve the environment in which we work with.

Why choose Evazio rather than another company?

Because we are local and work with locals.

We do our best to share with you our meetings with our partners, true representatives of local charm. We are thus surrounded by local actors and producers, small businesses, warm family structures, all in love with their region, its heritage and its culture and all eager to share their passion.

We have thus woven for almost 18 years a reliable and stable network of partners. With accommodation providers, restaurateurs, animators, guides, carriers and other loyal operators, we work together in a common concern for quality of service.

Over the years, a relationship that is more friendly than commercial has developed with most of the people involved in our travels. This translates into increased availability and responsiveness, adapted and personalized services, all in a serene and lasting working relationship.

And naturally, you are the first beneficiaries!

The following testimony from one of our clients was overwhelming.

“… It was very obvious to us that you had planned the trip like a real walker would, because the route was very scenic and peaceful. Your choice of accommodation couldn’t have been better – you obviously have a great rapport (they all talked a lot about you) with these hotels and guesthouses as we were treated very well wherever you made arrangements . We met other riders along the way who had brought in other travel agencies, and our impression was that Evazio clearly had a more personal experience of the whole tour we did… ”
Joel Smith and Kathy Keehan

What do we do with our luggage during our walking tour?

For our walking tours, we take care of transporting your luggage with each change of accommodation. Your pre-labeled luggage is collected from your startinglocation in the morning and dropped off at your arrival at the end of the afternoon.