Cycling Holiday in the Dordogne & Black Perigord: Prehistoric, Gastronomic, Fantastic!

With Dordogne cycling holidays you’ll cycle through, history, gastronomy, beautiful landscapes. Bring people to visit this lovely part of France, straddled between the Lot valleys and Dordogne rivers.

Gastronomy in the Dordogne

We love this region…our top reason to visit this region being that we love Gastronomy! And Dordogne is the French land of Gastronomy: it’s Duckland.Duck, goose, and wine are the dietary staples for most people there.As one can read in a touristic guide: “This is the land of duck and goose, of foie gras and truffles, of succulent lamb, smoky-sweet goats’ cheeses and a rainbow array of fruits and vegetables to be sampled in simple country inns or in elegant dining rooms dedicated to haute cuisine. The choice of wines is no less intoxicating…

A human past of 450,000 years

Of course, there is more: Castles, houses and homes from middle ages during the hundred years war, natural areas of striking beauty, and prehistoric caves adorned with 25,000-year-old paintings. In the cave art, “Fresh” footprints seemingly left yesterday by kids that date back to the time when mammoth was the meat of choice.

This Cycling Holiday offer a wide variety of bike trips for riders of all levels. At the confluence of “subregions” of Aquitaine (South-West France) Dordogne -namely Perigord (the region of Sarlat and Périgueux) and the subregions of Gironde ( the region of Bordeaux and Saint-emilion) and Lot (the region of Agen) . We offer leisurely tours that focus specifically on one of them.

Treasures of Black Perigord and Dordogne river valley focuses on the “Perigord” area of Dordogne ( the countryside) and the vineyard of Bordeaux known for its gastronomy (duck-based dishes, truffles, Saint-Emilion wines, etc…), its many medieval towns and villages (Sarlat, Domme, etc…) and prehistoric sites with 25,000-year-old cave paintings (Les Eyzies and Lascaux). You can add extra days to your stay if you ll like to visitperfectly preserved medieval village perched on a hilltop as Rocamadour. or Souillac. You’ll have the chance to visit many different area in one stay!!

The perfect cycling holiday

Upper Lot’s Gems focuses on the Lot Black Perigord part. It takes riders off-the-beaten-path to a very scenic and authentic part of Dordogne. The views and the sites are magnificent. Sites include medieval village of Gavaudun and Laroque-Timbaut. From « Agen », a friendly and lively town renowned for its canal bridge, the second longest in France and its famous prunes. Cycle through medieval “bastide” town and fortified castles, pretty towns such as « Monpazier », « la Roque Gageac » and « Sarlat », classified “most beautiful villages of France”. Go through the small streets of its medieval fortified bastides and medieval villages! You will make a journey into the past!

To view both Treasures of Black Perigord/Gironde and Lot Black Perigord. You will need to add extra-days to your Dordogne cycling holidays. Both allow riders to fully experience this unique region’s heritage and most famous sites, such as Les Eyzies, Sarlat, Souillac….

Dordogne cycling holidays is waiting for you

Along the Dordogne and Lot Rivers is a point-to-point romanesque trip that takes riders from the medieval town of Sarlat down the river to Agen on the Lot River following a very scenic route. In between, they experience some of the region’s most extraordinary sites: Rocamadour, Penne d’Agenais, Biron, etc…

If time is of the essence, our Short Escape along the river is ideal to sample this region… until you come back for more!


You want to know more about our Cycling holidays ? Here is the FAQ !

When is the best time for a cycling holiday in Dordogne - Périgord?

Like most of the french region, the period we recommend for your cycling holidays in Dordogne, is spring, the end of the summer and early autumn for the mild climate and seasonal tourism.

What are physical conditions required to visit the Dordogne by bike?

Dordogne and particularly Black Perigord where take place most of our cycling trips, is a hilly area made up of hills, steep valleys and cliffs. The elevation gain is not so important but the relief is present, that is what makes all the charm of the Dordogne landscapes. No need to be an expert, but it is preferable to be in good physical condition to make a cycling trip in the Perigord. For those who have doubt about their physical form do not pass by the beautiful bike tours offered by the Dordogne region and choose to ride an electric bike. You will be surprised and fully enjoy by this way of ride and travel.

Is it easy to find our way during the cycling trip Dordogne?

There are no many cycle path in Dordogne yet. Except along the Dordogne Valley with few greenways, most of the cycling trips generally take small quiet roads “off the beaten track ». You can find your road thanks to our road-book including the route on the map at the appropriate scale as well as directional indications. We put as well at your disposal our smartphone application with a visual and audio navigation. Once the bike stages have been downloaded, you no longer need a wifi or 4G internet connection. Just let yourself be guided .. and enjoy!