The Lot et Garonne bike tour in Aquitaine region: From Agen, symbolic city of the prune and returned famous by its bridge channel. Your…

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The Canal de Garonne

Less famous than its “big brother”, the Canal du Midi, the Canal de Garonne (by bike!), also called “canal lateral to the Garonne” deserves more than a detour, in order to discover its history and the rich heritage of regions it crosses. From Castets-en Dorthe to Toulouse, via the Agen region, you can enjoy this magnificent greenway by bike.

Dug under Louis Philippe, the Garonne Canal is an extension of the Canal du Midi, it connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. 193 km long from Toulouse to Castets-en-Dorthe, it owns 53 locks, including 3 at Castets where the first one makes the canal accessible to navigation from the Garonne, and vice versa. The banks lined with hundred-year-old plane trees, the towpath, bridges, locks, make this structure a heritage of national interest.

The Canal de Garonne by bike

The “Canal de Garonne by bike” greenway follows the old towpath along the canal, it has been converted into a fully and very rolling tarmac cycle path. This development makes the difference with the Canal du Midi, which has not been paved but only stabilized. From Bordeaux, join the canal at Castets en Dorthe, close to La Réole and Langon by a pleasant greenway (the Roger Lapébie track) in the heart of the Entre-Deux-Mers region. This very pleasant link crosses the famous Bordeaux vineyards in the Gironde, going through the bastides of Créon, Sauveterre de Guyenne, and the Abbey of Sauve Majeure. The cycle track along the Garonne canal then crosses the departments of Lot et Garonne, Tarn et Garonne and finally Haute Garonne. The Canal de Garonne joined with the Canal du Midi and the Gironde estuary created the cycle route “The Canal des Deux Mers à Vélo”.

Not to be missed on a bike trip on the Canal de Garonne

  1. Visit Bordeaux and Toulouse
  2. Appreciate the fortified bastides of Créon and Sauveterre de Guyenne along the slopes of Entre-Deux-Mers
  3. Visit the Abbey of Sauve Majeure, a World Heritage Site
  4. Meet the winegrowers in the vineyards of Bordeaux, Buzet or Chasselas
  5. Discover the charming village of Mas d´Agenais, its market halls and its collegiate church that houses Rembrandt’s painting “Christ on the Cross”
  6. Visit Moissac at the confluence of the Garonne and Tarn rivers, and its abbey classified by UNESCO
  7. Admire the works of art along the route such as the Agen Canal Bridge and the Montech water slope
  8. The circular grain market in the village of Auvillar overlooking the Garonne valley

Cycling the Canal de Garonne : an invitation to discover neighbouring countries.

Of course, our bike trips between Bordeaux and Toulouse will make you ride along the canal one way or the other, up to Agen or Toulouse. But this greenway is also a pleasant way to discover valleys and surrounding regions. You can travel by bike from Bordeaux or Agen to Cahors along the Lot valley or visit the little-known department of Lot et Garonne, land of orchards, villages and medieval castles or even reach the Dordogne from Agen by small country roads. With our self-guided bike tours from 4 to 10 days depending on the chosen tour, we invite you to live, sports and cultural holidays, with family or friends.

Your next cycling holiday?

Tempted by a cycling holiday? Contact your Evazio agency for more informations on our cycling trips along the Canal de Garonne. Our team will help you define the most suitable circuit for your group.


You want to know more about our Cycling holidays ? Here is the FAQ !

When is the best time for a cycling holiday along the canal de Garonne ?

There is no really a recommended period to plan a cycling holiday along the canal de Garonne.

The Garonne valley, between Bordeaux and Toulouse is famous for its high temperatures in summer but the greenway along the canal is largely shady by plane trees, very pleasant during this period, excepted the part of the Entre-deux-Mers vineyards (First stage from Bordeaux).

What are physical conditions required to cycle along the canal de Garonne ?

The greenway of the canal de Garonne is very smooth and flat. Very fews reliefs in the part of the vineyards of the Entre-deux-Mers. Some stages, particularly between Moissac and Toulouse can be a little long with more than 60 km but without major difficulty. Also, no need to be a seasoned cyclist to complete this trip by bike. For those who have doubt about their physical form we can provide you electric bikes so that you can fully enjoy the charm of the canal de Garonne by bike limiting your efforts.

Is the canal de Garonne greenway paved ?

Cyclists who have already cycled the Canal du Midi frequently ask this question.

Be reassured… contrary to the Canal du Midi, the route along the canal de Garonne is paved from beginning to end. From Bordeaux, the Roger Lapébie cycle path which leads you to the start of the canal is also paved.