Velodyssee from La Rochelle to Biarritz along the Atlantic coast in France

Trip codeCyclo 13-16
Trip activity :Self guided bike tour
Location :La Rochelle, Arcachon, Biarritz - France
Duration :11 to 12 days
Departure :Every day from April to October
Trip grading :
Capacity :Minimum 2 people
Price per person :
From 1595 €
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  • Velodyssee from La Rochelle to Biarritz along the Atlantic coast in France
  • Velodyssee from La Rochelle to Biarritz along the Atlantic coast in France
  • Velodyssee from La Rochelle to Biarritz along the Atlantic coast in France
  • Velodyssee from La Rochelle to Biarritz along the Atlantic coast in France
  • Velodyssee from La Rochelle to Biarritz along the Atlantic coast in France
  • Velodyssee from La Rochelle to Biarritz along the Atlantic coast in France
  • Velodyssee from La Rochelle to Biarritz along the Atlantic coast in France
  • Velodyssee from La Rochelle to Biarritz along the Atlantic coast in France
  • Velodyssee from La Rochelle to Biarritz along the Atlantic coast in France

Tour description

Biking tour on the Velodyssee :  From La Rochelle to Biarritz  along the Atlantic Coast.

From La Rochelle and the Ré Island, this cycling tour along the Atlantic Coast lead you to discover the Charente Maritime, Gironde, Landes and Basque Country. You will cycle along the Velodyssee to discover the island « Ile de Ré »! Wide sandy beaches, marshes, oyster farms or pine forests. Explore the cities of La Rochelle, Rochefort, Marennes and Royan then cross the Gironde estuary by boat to continue further south along the silver coast. The bike path roam between ocean and great lakes of the Medoc, an idyllic setting with sandy beaches and maritime pine forest.

You will enjoy the seaside resorts of Soulac-sur-Mer, Montalivet, Lacanau, surfers paradise. So many «discovery and relaxation» stops before reaching, always along the Atlantic coast, the Arcachon Bay, a preserved nature reserve. A veritable inland sea of exceptional wealth, the basin is the 6th Marine Natural Park of France and the fame of its oysters is well established. It is the perfect mix of natural areas, seaside resorts and charming oyster villages. Always further south, you can climb the famous Dune du Pyla. You stay in human-sized seaside resorts like Biscarrosse, Mimizan and Moliets on the Landes Coast. The Vélodyssée bike path goes up and down coast and lakes, through Landes forest, to reach Bayonne, the Basque Country gate, steeped in culture and history.

You end your adventure in the famous seaside resort, Biarritz ! Enjoy the many beaches along the rocky coast, the many bars and restaurants but also the warm welcome of the local population. Your taste buds will also be delighted to taste the regional specialties renowned throughout the world for their richness and diversity.

You will be  welcomed every night in 3 or 4 stars hotels.

  • A full iodized greenway
  • The rocky coasts close to Royan and the Basque Country
  • The Great Lakes of the « Côte d’Argent » and the wild beaches of the Landes coast
  • The cities of La Rochelle, Royan, Arcachon and Bayonne
  • The oyster breaks of Marennes and the Arcachon bay
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Day 1Welcome to "La Rochelle"

Arrive at your 4-star hotel in La Rochelle, where you will find the road book and bikes waiting for you. “La Rochelle” is a tourist and lively city, remarkable for its history. You can appreciate the old harbor and its towers which kept it the entrance from XIIIth century to XVth century. You can also enjoy the city centre and its arches as well as the town hall from the XVh century.

Overnight in a 4-star hotel. Breakfast included.

Day 2 (Optional)Loop around the « Ré » Island 30 to 60 km - 150 m

Loop tour to the island of “Ré”, passing through the villages of “Flotte en Ré” (dating from the XVIIIth century) and its fishing boats, “Saint-Martin” with its fortifications and its fortress. You will walk along the oyster beds, salt marshes and the nature reserve of the “illeau Niges”. Back by “La Couarde” and “Bois plage”.

Overnight in a 4-star hotel. Breakfast included.

Day 2 (or 3)From La Rochelle to Marennes 59 to 70 km - 85 m

Today’s cycle takes you alongside the coast and through the lively cities of “Chatelaillon” and “Fouras”. Your itinerary then continues by the nature reserve of the Yve’s Bay. In Fouras, possibility to take the ferry to the Island Aix and to visit this small island which welcomed the last pension of Napoleon 1st. Before arriving in “Marennes” the path takes you through “Rochefort”. This city founded in the seventeenth century around shipbuilding shares with you the original and unique transporter bridge “Eiffel”. The route continues on the bike paths of the most beautiful coast of western France.

Overnight in a 3-star hotel. Breakfast included

Day 3 (or 4)From Marennes to Royan 48 km - 80 m

Your itinerary takes you on the cycle path to go through the pine forest of the wild coast, the “Palmyre” where you can visit the zoo. It is easy to observe the animals. You will arrive to “Royan” by “Saint Palais”, the beaches of “Vaux sur Mer”, “Pontaillac”, and the marina. It is a stage marked by the intoxicating smell of maritime pines.

Royan is a modern resort city that hides some beautiful villas of time, an original covered market and a festive and lively waterfront.

Overnight in a 3-star hotel. Breakfast included.

Day 4 (or 5)From Royan to Montalivet 35 to 45 km - 30 m

From Royan come and sail with your bike on the estuary and join the Medoc coast! From the tip of the Verdon you cycle on pleasant bike paths to meet the charming seaside resort of Soulac. Under your eyes explore beaches and ocean as far as the eye can see. Under the smell of the pinewoods you continue until Montalivet, small peaceful sea side resort between forest of the Landes, ocean and marshes. Depending on the availability of accommodation, you can make a stopover at Vendayes or Hourtin.

Overnight in a 2-star hotel. Breakfast included

Day 5 (or 6)From Montalivet to Lacanau Océan 50 to 55 km - 160 m

Ride your bike and continue your journey south towards Lacanau Ocean! Here the Velodyssée continues on a cycle path in the middle of the pines, between lakes and oceans. In the vicinity take a break in Hourtin, where is the biggest lake in France.

« Lacanau-Ocean » in the Médoc Ocean region, where cycling is a way of life, is much appreciated for its long ocean beaches sheltered by dunes and forests, its lakes and its unspoilt natural areas. The seaside resort is also famous for its surfing spots. Its early 20th century villas bear witness to a rich past.

Overnight in a 3 or 4 stars hotel. Breakfast included

Day 6 (or 7)From Lacanau Ocean to Arcachon via the Cap Ferret 45 km - 50 m

This stage of the Velodyssey continues its itinerary from « Lacanau-Océan » between dunes and forests. Ride only on cycle path and discover the widest wild beaches of the Aquitaine coast; «The Porge Ocean » has a wide beach of 13 km without any building. To enjoy it leave from time to time the track of the cycle path. Never far away from the shore line, continue your cycling tour through a beautiful itinerary towards the « Cap Ferret ».

Enjoy and finish your cycling day through typical oyster villages of the « Bay of Arcachon » and rejoin by ferry the renowned seaside town of «Arcachon ». Internationally renowned seaside resort, “Arcachon” was born during the 19th century, from the imagination of daring pioneers who bet on the fashion for sea bathing. Explore this city, the winter town and its sumptuous villas from the Second Empire, its churches, its promenade along the Basin and its port.

Overnight in a 3-star hotel. Breakfast included

Day 7 (or 8)From Arcachon to Biscarrosse 30 km - 100 m

Continue your itinerary in the direction of the « Great Dune of Pyla », an essential trip to its summit to appreciate the beauty of the site. You can’t come to the “Bay” without taking a look! Then cycle under the pines of the Landes forest. Here everything is respected so this triple mix – ocean – sea – forest – is the best for all the pleasures of men. The velodyssey, juste after leaving the Gironde takes you to « Biscarrose Plage » to end your day in the Landes area.

« Biscarrosse » is renowned for its waves. But the seaside resort is also the kingdom of beaches, dunes and the pine forest… all a sunny expanse to discover. The town ambience is unique and revitalizing. Its sweet summer perfume guarantees an absolute change of scene. Sand castles, kites, sunbathing, drinking outside, frills, night markets, waffles, street shows, casino…

Overnight in a 3-star hotel with breakfast included

Day 8 (or 9)From Biscarrosse to Mimizan Plage 52 km - 115 m

La Vélodyssée leaves the coast to make a wide detour in the countryside, where the blue of the vast lakes replaces that of the sea. Discover the « lake of Cazaux and Sanguinet », the second largest lake of France (5800 ha !), a little paradise surrounded by greenery and pines then go alongside the « lake of Biscarrosse and Parentis ». Further, the cycle path takes you between little lake ports and intimate lakes to go through the Landes forest and rejoin the ocean in « Mimizan Plage ».

« Mimizan » dates back to the “Belle Epoque” when sea bathing became fashionable and was very much prized by a rich clientele. This seaside resort was built as a result of the railway which is no longer there today., one of the most romanesque part of your cycle tour.

Overnight in a charming bed and breakfast or charming 2-star hotel with breakfast included.

Day 9 (or 10)Mimizan plage to the heart of the Landes 55 km - 130 m

Leave the attractive seaside town of « Mimizan plage » and return on the Velodyssey to follow an itinerary through the forest and valleys. It is a pleasant stage, quiet and calm through woods and embellished by the scent of the pine forest. Each cyclist be carried by the sea air and enjoy the nearby ocean beaches leaving from time to time the track. Then discover « Contis Plage », « St Girons Plage » as well as the beaches of « Leon lake ». End your cycling day in another attractive seaside town of the Landes.

Cycling tracks allow you to discover the forest and quiet pond, a relaxing place. Be seduced by the country atmosphere and the seaside town of the Landes.

Overnight in a 3-star hotel with Breakfast included.

Day 10 (or 11)From the Landes to Biarritz in the Basque country 63 km - 120 m

Last stage of your two wheels holiday before you leave the “Landes”…Pedalling a last time in the heart of the forest to discover the emblematic famous seaside towns of « Hossegor » and « Cap Breton ». Enjoy the wide beaches and continue through more urban areas as it approaches « Boucau ». Welcome in a new scenery of the Atlantic coast: “The Basque Country”. On your two wheels ride through its capital, « Bayonne » to rejoin the renowned seaside town of « Biarritz ».

« Biarritz » is one of the most famous seaside resorts of France and Europe and one of the highlight of our cycle tours. Its magnificent ocean beaches and surfing for each traveller, its thalassotherapy and many golf courses are popular worldwide. At night, its restaurants, bars and squares will delight your evening.

Overnight in a 3-star hotel with breakfast included

Day 11 (or 12)Departure from Biarritz

After breakfast

Practical details

Need more informations ? +33 (0)5 56 79 25 05

We take care of transporting your luggage to the next accommodation so that you fully enjoy your daily ride.

You leave your luggage at the reception desk before your departure.
At the end of the afternoon, you recover them in the next accommodation (at the reception or directly in your room).

Luggage accepted per person: 1 suitcase or travel bag (20 kg maximum) + 1 hand luggage.

We remind you that rental bikes are equipped with saddlebags to be used to bring your belongings useful for the day.

Your travel pack corresponds to the documents or numeric files that you receive before your trip (usually one month before) and upon your arrival at the first accommodation.

It includes:

  • A welcome letter with the main practical information:
  • The time slot for luggage transport
  • Details of the delivery and recovery of rental bikes if necessary
  • Your local contact and telephone number(s) in case of emergency
  • Any additional information

The travel book including a map with the route (at the appropriate scale) and directional, tourist and practical indications

The voucher(s) to be given to the service provider(s) (only if requested)

On request and depending on the tours:

The “Evazio” application to download to your Smartphone for a “GPS” guidance. This guidance is visual (reading of the track on the Smartphone’s screen) and vocal.

The application also contains practical and tourist information. Once the trip has been downloaded, no internet connection is necessary

The loan of a GPS device with pre-loaded tracks

GPX traces of every step for use with your own navigation device

On this tour, you can choose on reservation:

  • A hybrid bike suitable for touring and for the course
  • An electric bike adapted to the route

With its equipment:

  • 1 rear bag
  • 1 handlebar bag
  • 1 repair kit (for 1 or 2 bikes)
  • 1 helmet (on request)
  • 1 lock (for 1 or 2 bikes)
  • 1 charger (for the electric bike)

For the youngest, we can propose depending on age and size

  • A child bike
  • A baby seat
  • A trailer
  • A bike trailer

The bike is delivered to the first accommodation and is adjusted to your size.

At the end of the course, the bike must be left at the last accommodation with its equipment. We will take care of their recovery.

This tour is available in a “superior” version :

The type of accommodation is classified into 3 ranges:

  • Comfort : The trip mainly presents hotels classified 2 and 3 stars (or equivalent) and guesthouses.
  • Superior : The tour mainly presents hotels classified 3 and 4 stars (or equivalent) and charming guesthouses.
  • Luxe : The tour mainly presents hotels classified 2 and 3 stars or equivalent

Our assistance remains available for the duration of your stay.