Discover the Velodyssey with our bike trips

The Velodyssey wich is the french part of the Atlantic Coast Route – Euro Velo 1 stretches over 1300km. Running from the North to the South of France along the West Coast, the Velodyssey goes through 3 different regions to connect Roscoff, in Brittany to Hendaye wich is at the Spanish border.

This itinerary, offering mostly cycling paths or car-free roads, allows you to travel France peacefully. Ideal for family cycling holidays, our bike trips on the Velodyssey, allow you to discover the Atlantic Coast in a new way. Whether you bike in the heart of the pines forest, along the marshes or the beaches, the Atlantic ocean will never be too far away and swim breaks have to be definitively scheduled !

More details on the itinerary of the Velodyssey

Officially opened since 2012, the Velodyssey’s route is now 1300km long in France. Connecting the Brittany to the Basque Country, this bike route passes through 3 regions in total ; Brittany, Loire country and New Aquitaine and also 9 departments.  The itinerary, fully marked out and secured, is doable in both ways, nonetheless going from North to South is strongly suggested because of the wind’s direction going mostly North-West.

One of the many advantages of this bike route is that around 80% of the route is on cycling paths or car-free roads. You could then bike at your own pace, safely, without thinking about the cars. This is also why, the Velodyssey can be ride by family, it is accessible for all levels. Offering some steps along the ocean but also in cities filled with rich cultural heritage, it will be easy to satisfy all the family’s wishes !

The Velodyssey may be discovered by different sections, so we are offering bike trips with different starting point. You will be able in that way to choose to travel completely the Velodyssey – Atlantic Coast route, or opt for a shorter trip in Loire country or in New Aquitaine. Whether you want to start from Nantes, La Rochelle, Bordeaux or Arcachon, we can suggest a few cycling tours accessible to all !

By hybrid or electric bike, you will be enchanted by this bike route, going through a lot of beautiful places !

The itinerary’s must-sees

You are looking for a trip along the Atlantic Coast for your next family holidays ? Discover the Velodyssey and all of our bike trips along this famous route. Wheither you want to discover the South-West or go on holidays along the Vendean coast, we can advise you regarding your wishes and propose you tailor-made and turnkey stays, adapted to your request.

Our tours going from Nantes to Biarritz passing by La Rochelle, Royan, Lacanau, Arcachon also by the beautiful beaches of the Landes, are offering you the opportunity to travel on a large section of the Velodyssey – Atlantic Coast Route ! The Atlantic coast is offering numerous landscapes, by traveling by bike you could take the time to discover those scenery with the ocean also in the background.
So don’t miss during your next cycling holidays on the Velodyssey :

  • To visit these unmissable cities : Nantes, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Arcachon, Bayonne, Biarritz…
  • To taste the local specialities : Vendean brioche, Noirmoutier’s potato, Oysters from Marennes or Arcachon, farmhouse duck from the Landes, Bayonne ham of basque cake, there will be enough for every taste !
  • To pass through the Gois passage, to climb the Dune of Pilat, to bike in the shadows of the pines in the Landes forests, to enjoy the white sand beaches and the swims in the ocean or in the different lakes.

The Velodyssey, all our bike trips along this route

Depending on the section you decide to travel, we will be able to introduce you the essential steps that will mark your trip. Depending on your wishes and preferences, we will advise you so you can opt for the bike trip answering the most your expectations.

So you will have the choice between a cycling tour from Nantes to La Rochelle or to Bordeaux, for a start from La Rochelle to Bordeaux, Arcachon or Biarritz, for a tour around the Arcachon Bay and also a tour from Bordeaux to Biarritz or from Arcachon to Biarritz. We can also suggest bike trips in the Basque Country, where the french section of the Euro Velo 1 ends before reaching Spain.