We were really, really impressed with the trip

Hi Stephane,

Just wanted to let you know that we were really, really impressed with the trip you arranged for us from Agen to Sarlat. We were in France for three weeks, but the five days we spent on the ride were absolutely the highlight of the trip. In particular, the thing that made it the most enjoyable was the effort you’d taken to make the entire route be on such quiet roads. That was such a pleasure and far exceeded our expectations in that regard.

I don’t remember the names of all the hotels, but we were particularly impressed with the hotel in Villeneuve. The room we had was gorgeous, and as the restaurant was closed for the season, they served us dinner on our terrace instead. They also had a wonderful buffet breakfast there the following day. We also very much liked the hotel in Montpazier. The one in Siorac was disappointing because we were the only people staying there so it was deserted and the dinner was a bit of a disappointment. Perhaps it’s better in the summer though.

We would definitely recommend your tours, and will be doing more in the future. We did use the guidebook you provided as an aid, but for routing we used a gps app and the waypoints you sent us before the trip. That was invaluable and we never had any trouble with the route at all.

Thanks so much for the great trip!

Alison and Mark