Prepare your trip by bike

Like any vacation or trip, a bicycle trip requires some preparation and organization. 

Whatever your level of practice, your equipment, the people who accompany you or your expectations, there are many choices to make before your bike trip. 

Evazio proposes to guide you in your thinking…

Choose and plan the route of your cycling trip

France has a particularly rich network of cycle routes, greenways and paths. It is possible to follow existing itineraries and to cover very long distances. You can combine several of these networks and consult our different cycling trips planned for this purpose region by region.

Whether you are looking for a gentle route adapted to different audiences, a short or long trip, along some of the most famous landscapes, such as the Canal du Midi for example, or whether you are more adventurous and wish to discover or practice more sporty terrains, mountain biking in the mountains, or through nature, the experiences that bike travel offers are varied and each time unique. In any case the choice of your itinerary is the first important step in the preparation of a cycling trip!

By browsing our site, you will discover many itineraries adapted to all profiles. Depending on your interests, many themes of bike trips are possible. It is thus necessary for you to determine the characteristics of your bicycle trip by following 3 criteria:

The right equipment for your bike trip

Once you have chosen your itinerary, you must determine what equipment is necessary for your trip, whether it is solo, with your family, with your partner or with friends. Depending on the characteristics of your bike trip, duration, luggage, types of roads, the choice of your bike will differ greatly. We have turnkey solutions to meet your requirements of course.

Several types of bikes are possible:

Lightweight and sturdy, it can support the weight of several pieces of luggage. It is a perfect solution for road trips that can last several weeks. Its maintenance is simple and its convenience and adaptation perfect.

Designed for speed, it requires that your route be exclusively made of quality pavement. Your personal belongings will have to be carried on your back, although adaptations are possible as it has no luggage rack. This lightness makes it the ideal companion for sporty itineraries of a few days.

A versatile version of the road bike that will allow you to keep the ease and comfort you need on some of the trickier parts of your route such as trails or poorly maintained paths. It allows you to be more adventurous but also to ride longer distances.

The famous mountain bike that has conquered so many homes over the past decades lives up to its name. The all-terrain bike is obviously distinguished by its robustness and its ability to take all possible routes, especially in the wilderness through forests, mountains and trails. It is not without comfort and efficiency on the road.

The perfect bike for bike travel. It has been designed specifically for bicycle travel and ensures solidity, reliability while being able to carry interesting loads (luggage). It is the bike for the adventurers who travel the world.

This is a very important trend today, especially for people who are primarily interested in discovering landscapes with a minimum of physical effort. All of the above-mentioned bicycles are generally available with electric assistance.

Looking for originality? You can also opt for alternatives such as the tandem, the recumbent bike or the tricycle, not to mention the facilities adapted to the transport of passengers such as children.

But for a bike trip, a bike is not enough. You also need to think about all the equipment that goes with it. These are useful and even necessary precautions for your safety. The choice of your outfit and equipment is therefore essential. We recommend 3 layers in order to be prepared for all environmental conditions.

  1. The first layer consists of cycling shorts. This garment has a characteristic padding called “chamois” that greatly improves comfort for any length of ride. Also, consider a sports top made of breathable material that allows you to retain heat on cooler mornings during your bike rides. Also consider cycling gloves, shorts and socks (thick sports socks) and cycling shoes!
  2. The second layer is essential. It is the layer that will allow you to adapt to variations. It usually consists of a fleece or a light sweater or even a softshell-type sports jacket. The pants and long shorts complete it to ward off the possible cold but also to protect your lower limbs from possible falls.
  3. The last layer is for more extreme weather conditions. Equip yourself accordingly with a neck warmer, a second pair of gloves, and an additional layer of clothing for the upper body. Of course, you can also choose technical clothing specifically for bicycle touring. Many brands offer professional quality equipment.

During a bicycle trip, even a short one, you can never be sure of a breakage, a mechanical or physical problem. As some equipment is difficult to find in certain areas, we recommend that you bring all the tools you need to repair your bike: tire levers, patches, tubes, bicycle pumps, connectors for your valves and locks… but also a first aid kit for first aid and creams and products for minor injuries caused by repeated efforts.

Logistics to the point of departure

Of course, you will have to reach the starting point of your trip by bicycle. You will probably use the usual means of transportation (car, train, airplane) but some situations may require some effort to transport your equipment for example. 

You can thus consider the transfer of luggage which allows you to transport your luggage and equipment (bicycle and material) anywhere in France. The service providers (of which we are partners) collect the equipment from your home and transport it to your accommodation.

The rental of equipment, and in particular of bicycles, is also a possibility. Evazio provides all your needs by bringing you the most adapted solutions to make your cycling trip easier.

Accommodation: sleeping well is important

As in any trip, accommodation is an important part of your budget and focuses part of your attention. The French cycle routes and itineraries are marked out by accommodations (hotels and guest houses). But it can be tricky to correctly evaluate the distances, difficulties and quality of the accommodations.

In any case you will need to bring the right equipment to find your way with a GPS. Special “bike travel” GPS maps exist and many applications exist to accompany you on your tourist routes.

Evazio : your bike trip in complete serenity

In the light of all these elements, organizing a bicycle trip can present many complexities, notably related to the budget that is difficult to anticipate because of the many imponderables, but also necessary for a serene bicycle trip. 

We are tourism professionals and experts in bicycle travel. Our offers meet all your needs whatever the level of care you need.

 Traveling by bike with Evazio is always a richer and more enjoyable experience. You are supported by an experienced and professional network of people who are passionate about bicycle travel.

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