Cycling Holiday - The heart of the countryside of Paris to the Palace of Versailles

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Trip activity :Self guided bike tour
Location :Fontainebleau, Versailles, Paris - France
Duration :5 to 6 days
Departure :Daily from April to October
Trip grading :
Capacity :Minimum 2 people
Price per person :
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  • Cycling Holiday - The heart of the countryside of Paris to the Palace of Versailles
  • Cycling Holiday - The heart of the countryside of Paris to the Palace of Versailles
  • Cycling Holiday - The heart of the countryside of Paris to the Palace of Versailles
  • Cycling Holiday - The heart of the countryside of Paris to the Palace of Versailles
  • Cycling Holiday - The heart of the countryside of Paris to the Palace of Versailles
  • Cycling Holiday - The heart of the countryside of Paris to the Palace of Versailles
  • Cycling Holiday - The heart of the countryside of Paris to the Palace of Versailles
  • Cycling Holiday - The heart of the countryside of Paris to the Palace of Versailles
  • Cycling Holiday - The heart of the countryside of Paris to the Palace of Versailles
  • Cycling Holiday - The heart of the countryside of Paris to the Palace of Versailles

Tour description

Cycling holiday near Paris from Fontainebleau to Versailles

The Paris Cycling tour. This city of all the arts and capital of France, is the departure point of your self guided bike tour in the best of the Paris région. Discover must-see Castles, Vaux le Vicomte and its French gardens “à la française”, the Grand Trianon, the impressive castle of Fontainebleau. Pedal along the Seine, emblematic river winding through the area. Cycle through the imperial forest of Fontainebleau and explore the little villages that you will find you on your journey.

At the heart of the countryside of Paris, along cycle tracks, pedal at your own pace and enjoy the calm and atmosphere of the surroundings. The Paris Cycling tour takes you to the royal city of Dourdan and invite you to cycle in the vast forest of Rambouillet. You will discover impressive castles, fountains and gardens. From step to step, your biking tours in Paris, going through the valley of Chevreuse. It takes you to the History of France: the Palace of Versailles the king’s State Apartments in the 17th century where the Roi Soleil, King Louis XIV, awaits you. His masterpiece of french monarchy is fascinating.

Île de France is a huge tresure that make it a destination of choice for tourist. From the castle of Fontainebleau to the medieval city of Provins, both registered in the UNESCO World Heritage and from the valley of  Chevreuse to Gardens of Versailles, the Hunting lodge of Louis XIV.  These are centuries of history gathed together!  Ile de France is the most beautiful museum in the world. But it’s also majestic forests, green valleys, nature protected, national parks, old royal residences…

Paris is waiting for you! Versailles ‘s Palace will keep no secrets for you!

Enjoy some extra nights before and/or after your cycling tour to discover some Paris Highlights.

  • Peaceful country roads and yet so close to Paris
  • The “Jardins à la Française” from “Le Nôtre” in Vaux le Vicomte castle, gardener of Louis IV
  • The royal forests of Fontainebleau and Rambouillet and their castles
  • The Chevreuse Valley, very popular with cyclists
  • The exceptional finale in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles
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Day 1Welcome to Fontainebleau

Arrive at your accommodation where you will find the road book and bikes waiting for you.

Just a few kilometers from Paris, Melun and Fontainebleau opens the doors of the Paris royal countryside. Established for over 2000 years in one of the meanders of the Seine, Melun offers a green heart at the gates of the famous forest of Fontainebleau, with walks along the banks, a recent river port and a market rich in regional products, including the famous “Brie de Melun”, a rare Protected Designation of Origin of Île-de-France.

Overnight: charming bed and breakfast or hotel.

Included Meals: Breakfast

Day 2 (Optional)Castles of Vaux le Vicomte, Blandy, and Fontainebleau 57 km - 260 m

Today start your cycling holiday towards the unmissable castle of Vaux le Vicomte and its French gardens where you could enjoy a lunch break at the restaurant of the chateau. Go through Melun and discover its river port and its 6 km long banks where the river Seine winds surrounded by gardens and small squares. Then continue your journey towards the Castle of Blandy, a rare example of medieval military architecture in Île-de-France area. Your cycling journey then continues along the banks of the river Seine on small country roads. Pedal along medieval villages of Fontaine le Port and Samois-sur-Seine and rejoin the park of the Castle of Fontainebleau. along a bike path. You will end your day discovering this impressive Castle !

With over 1500 rooms set amid 130 hectares of grounds and gardens, the royal and imperial Palace of Fontainebleau can boast eight centuries of continuous occupation by sovereigns. . Kings and Queens, emperors and empresses endeavored to embellish the Palace, built around the original keep. The castle and its grounds are listed UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981.

Overnight: charming hotel. Included Meals: Breakfast

Day 2 (or 3)From the imperial forest of Fontainebleau to the small villages of the Paris countryside 55 km - 300 m

Today cycle through the imperial forest of Fontainebleau and the Grand canal. With an area of 25,000 hectares it remains a pure delight for nature lovers, for its flora and dense and diverse flora. Discover the small village of Barbizon, birthplace of the Impresionnist Paint, the Castle of Courances and continue your journey to explore other small villages such as Dannemois where the famous singer “Claude François” lived, known for his french version song of “my way”. End your day cycling along a bike path that leads you right to your third step city.

Royal City, Etampes is the only city of art and history of the department Essonne. It has indeed a rich built heritage and landscape that witness the history of a city. Etampes was also one of the centers of the Royal Estate at the High Middle Ages. From that time, the city retains the Notre-Dame church whom crypt dates from the eleventh century, many religious buildings in the twelfth century and exceptional quatrefoil keep.

Overnight: charming hotel, Included Meals: Breakfast and dinner depending on the hotel booked.

Day 3 (or 4)Royal cities and forest of Rambouillet 55 km - 300 m

Your cycling holidays in Paris takes you this time towards the forest of Rambouillet, where, it is said, there is a wild group of wallabies!

From Etampes, you borrow a bike path along a charming little river and will continue on country roads that allow you to enjoy the quiet surroundings. Discover the royal city of Dourdan, which is also “gate city of the Regional natural park of the high Valley of Chevreuse”. Find its castle, the gate of Chartres, architecture in the nineteenth century, the walls … Your day then ends in the heart of the forest of Rambouillet, opposite its impressive castle.

Between Versailles and Chartres, at the heart of more than 20 000 hectares of woods, Rambouillet castle and its park welcomed great lords and kings, emperors and presidents: François 1er, Louis XVI, Napoleon I, Felix Faure…

Overnight: charming hotel, Included Meals: Breakfast

Day 4 (or 5)From the valley of Chevreuse to Versailles 50 km - 250 m

After a few kilometers you go through the heart of the Valley of Chevreuse and cycle along the “Vaux de Cernay” to discover all its treasures: churches, abbeys, castles, mansions, wash houses … Around typical small villages, the countryside and the woods still dominate. Discover the castle of Dampierre, picturesque villages and head towards the surprising Palace of Versailles. End your Paris Cycling holidays to discover the masterpiece of Louis XIV. You will then have the opportunity to cycle inside the park of the palace.

The Palace of Versailles, which has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List for 30 years, is one of the most beautiful achievements of 18th-century French art.

Discover the Hall of Mirrors, the Royal Chapel, the King and Queen’s Grand Apartments… It housed the French government, most notably its royalty, during the reigns of Louis XIV (France’s famed “Sun King”), Louis XV and Louis XVI. After the French Revolution in 1789, it ceased to be a permanent royal residence.

Overnight: charming hotel, Included Meals: Breakfast

Day 5 (or 6)Departure

After breakfast

Practical details

Need more informations ? +33 (0)5 56 79 25 05

We take care of transporting your luggage at each change of accommodation so that you travel light and take full advantage of your daily hike.

You leave your luggage at the reception of your accommodation before your departure .

At the end of the afternoon, you will find them at the reception of your new accommodation or directly in your room.

Luggage accepted per person: 1 suitcase or travel bag (20 kg maximum) + 1 piece of hand luggage.

We remind you that rental bicycles are equipped with saddlebags to be used to transport the things you deem useful for the day

Your travel record corresponds to the documents or files you receive before your trip (usually a month before) and upon arrival at the first accommodation.

It includes:

  • A welcome letter with the main practical information:
  • The time slot for baggage transport
  • Details of the delivery and collection of bikes from rental if necessary
  • Your local contact and telephone number (s) in case of emergency
  • Any additional information
  • The logbook travel package including map with the route (to the appropriate scale) and directional, tourist and practical indications
  • The necessary voucher (s) to be given to the service provider (s) (only if necessary!)

On request and depending on the circuits:

  • The “Evazio” application to download from smartphone for “GPS” navigation with visual guidance (reading of the track on the your smartphone) and / or oral.
  • The application also contains practical and tourist information. Once the trip has been downloaded, no internet connection is necessary
  • The loan of a GPS device with the pre-recorded tracks
  • Sends GPX tracks of each stage to be used with your own navigation support

On this circuit, we suggest that you provide you with the choice and by reservation:

  • A hybrid bike suitable for hiking and for the route
  • An electric bike adapted to the route

With its equipment:

  • 1 rear bag
  • 1 handlebar bag
  • 1 set of repair
  • 1 helmet (on request)
  • 1 anti-theft device
  • 1 charger (for the electric bike)

For the youngest, we can offer depending on age and size

  • A child’s bike
  • A baby seat
  • A trailer
  • A follow-up bike

The bike is delivered to the first accommodation and is adjusted to your size.

At the end of the tour, the bike must be left at the last accommodation with its equipment. We will take care of their recovery.

This tour is available in a “superior” version.

The type of accommodation is classified into 3 ranges:

Comfort : The circuit mainly presents hotels classified 2 and 3 stars (or equivalent) and rooms of host.

Superior : The circuit mainly presents hotels classified 3 and 4 stars (or equivalent) and charming guest rooms.

Luxury : The circuit mainly presents 4 and 5 star hotels or equivalent

Our support team remains available for the duration of your trip.