We had a wonderful time!

Dear Stephane,

We had a wonderful time! I’ve been meaning to write to tell you. Yes, after two years and so many changes it’s amazing it finally happened at all! 

You and the other people we dealt with at Evazio were very, very helpful. The road book in paper was a great resource and I loved the app. 

The bikes were perfect and Valerie and Eric were delightful. We happened to meet them as they were dropping off the bikes in Bordeaux and then, coincidentally, we met Eric in St. cirque de lapopie on our last day.

The accommodations were great too. We loved everywhere we stayed. The places were all different from each other so that was fun too.

We greatly appreciate that you were able to accommodate Nicolas, Adralyn and Gabriella when they needed a day off.

I’ve already said to Kirk and Brenda that when she is better from her cancer , she gets to pick the Evazio trip and we’ll be back for another ride. We all loved the experience.

Thanks for everything !

Take care!

Kathy Moore – June 2022