We’re already thinking about next year!

Bonjour Stephane!

We really enjoyed our trip, the second we have done with you, and we’re already thinking about next year!

I thought you might like some feedback on the RoadBook for Discovery app which we used every day on our recent Bordeaux to Cahors trip.

Overall I thought it was a really excellent addition and I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone doing one of your trips. I didn’t use the screen display, I preferred having the road book open in front of me, but the voice prompts were excellent, almost always timely and accurate. I found the combination of the app and the road book really good. In fact I had my phone safely in the front panier with the road book visible on top. For the most part I only ever needed to listen to the app audible instructions but I could see what was coming in terms of turns etc on the road book, especially when there were multiple quick turns coming up

Overall it was a really excellent addition to the road book and other material you provide.

I hope these comments are of some help to you.

A bientôt,

Ian Sharp