Cycling tour – We highly recommend this tour if self guided is what you are looking for

My wife and I have done two trips, both self guided. The first was a four day loop from Avignon four years ago, and then this July we biked from Bordeaux to Toulouse over five days. If you do not want to be in a group but have the major details worked out for you, this self guided tour is ideal. This is not for people who want to be chaperoned and led every step of the way, and you need to be okay with a little improvisation but the tour company has great experience and gets you on a journey you could not do yourself. They book hotels, arrange fork dinners on some tours, they provide emergencies support ( which we have never had to access) give you maps and directions, they provide the bikes through a local bike shop, and they move your luggage. The hotels are largely three stars plus or minus, but always well located, the meals they book are usually B+/A- or better, the bikes are sturdy, the directions get you where you need to be, and the luggage always is there. Best is they have a preference for bike trails and small roads where possible so you are out of the fray (of course sometimes it is not possible.). We would not have done the second one if we did not have a great time on the first and we were not disappointed. We plan on doing a Burgundy trip in 2017 or 2018. We highly recommend this if self guided is what you are looking for.

Bob Berne